Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I discover a frock in the ruins

The torrential, merciless rain in Chicago has forced me to dress like this the past few days.

True, I generally favor a more vintage-inspired wetsuit, but I can't argue with practicality. (Editor's note: wait, yes I can.)

The rain let up for a collective 48 seconds over the course of the day, at which point I donned this.

Butterfly necklace: thrifted
Vintage '70s dress: swapped with roommate
Belt: thrifted
Olive tights: Target
Oxford pumps: Baker's

I am living with my family right now, and we are trying to sell our house. This means that every day, I have to make my room look as if I don't exist. This is no simple task for a person who generally hurricanes through her closet in search of what to wear. My things are all tucked away in bins or boxes. Furthermore, I have been out of the house for a few years and it is difficult for me to remember which pieces of my wardrobe are still here and which have wandered to friends' homes or charity bags. This dress is one that I'd forgotten. I traded my lithe roommate a skirt for it years ago, and it has popped back into my life after a particularly exhaustive Rubbermaid raid. The thrill of the hunt is dwindling, so please buy my house.


shoeless simone said...

Love love love your dress!! Whimsical indeed

-Shoeless Simone

Sheila said...

I hate to break it to you, but that dress is straight out of 1981! I know this, because I had that exact style in Grade 9 (yes, I'm old), right down to the drawstrings on the shoulders (mine was peach). I actually said, "Holy sh*t" when I opened your post. How bizarre.

I laughed at your madd Paint skillz. Awesome!

Robyn said...

LOVE this look head to toe. That dress is beautiful. I understand the troubles concerning rain and outfit photos oh so well. Fingers crossed for better weather for the both os us.

Megan Mae said...

The dress is lovely. Very soft and feminine. Hope the weather looks better for you~

Not a Paper Cup said... may have only been 48 seconds, but it was a stunning 48 seconds :)

Love the look.

Kasmira said...

Beautiful dress. I'm glad the rain let up so we could see it.

Alyse said...

That dress is dreamy, whimsical, ethereal, and completely not my style, but I'm in love!

Kelly said...

I *love* this outfit. That dress is totally fantastic and you accessorized it perfectly.