Thursday, August 19, 2010

I break in new shoes; I pay a price in blood

I am wearing a few items for the first time.

Dress: thrifted old school Old Navy circa I don't know
Tights: Hue
Vintage gold leaf cuff: antique store
Oxford platform pumps: DKNY via eBay
Vintage '60s frame bag: antique store

Though it may not appear so to the untrained eye, drama bubbles beneath the surface.
It festers, threatening to break the very seams of tranquility and seize upon us in an unrestrained burst of fury and pain.

Clearly, I am referring to the process of breaking in shoes. More specifically, damn. Humanity has figured out a way to afford humans the luxury of flicking a tiny, wall-mounted switch and illuminating rooms of any size hours before the rising of the sun, but it has yet to solve the problem of the inherent crappiness of wearing a pair of shoes for the first time. I am more of a cannonball than a dip-one-toe type of girl, and so I generally reserve my break-ins for a time I know I'll be walking around a lot. Naturally, a girls' day out at the mall filled the bill, but I took these shots at the end of the day upon my apologies if my agony and disillusionment with the world in general are somewhat visible in these photos. On the plus side, I found a few cute things.

...that photo is about as blurry as the lines between life and death after a five-hour stroll.

A quick sidenote: I thrifted this dress at a thrift store just near my house the other day. I saw it about a week ago and thought to myself, "meh, it is Old Navy. It is pretty silly to thrift Old Navy," and went about my business listening to Broadway musicals on my iPod and sipping an enormous and costly beverage from Starbucks. A few days passed, however, and my yearning for the simple shirtdress failed to wane - I loved the color, shape, and figured it is the sort of piece I could easily wear to death with the right layering. So I returned to find it; it was meant to be.

...this is what I must look like to a rather short person, as my mom held the camera unfortunately low to snap this. Oh dear.

On the plus side, she got the camera appropriately all up in my business to shoot my earrings.



Anything but Bland said...

verrrry cute leggings!!! :)

love, polly :D

Leilani said...

cute earrings! I like the dress, it has a vintage feel to it (looks like it has covered buttons?)

Anthea said...

You look great! I'm really enjoying your blog and style.

About the breaking in of shoes, I hear you! I have a cute pair of leather flats what need to more comfortable already. I think the leather is too hard!

Kimmy said...

great outfit....really lovely and also great blog.

Would love it if you could check out mine.

Thanks x

eelectroCutee said...

great outfit... love how your pair the dress with the tights.. :)

Sheila said...

Trains! So cute! That dress is vintage 1993-4. Sorry to hear about the shoes (I also wear new shoes impractically, like with bare feet). Love the tights (Hue is the best).

Heather said...

The dress is adorable and Ugh I feel your pain about the blisters. My husband and I love to hang out downtown San Diego on the weekends which involves much walking and I almost made him carry me a few times lol!! But I have gotten smart I carry a pair of flat thong sandals in my purse just in case the heels cause problems. The dress is super cute makes me want to be in my twenties again so I can go back and wear short dresses I don't think I wore enough at all lol~ after having 3 kids now I go a little longer with the length ;D Enjoy your new thirft find ~Heather

Megan Mae said...

Cute earrings! Try some moleskin on the rubby areas next time? The shirt dress is cute too! definitely has that 90s vibe.

Anonymous said...

Stunning shoes! I'm thinking they'll end up being worth the blisters, because they're quite amazing!

Anonymous said...

The shoes are cute. I hope they are worth the pain.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

That dress is so beautiful. That print is gorgeous. It looks amazing with those tights.

Anonymous said...

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WendyB said...

Hmmm...I recommend and among other things!

Anonymous said...

Ah Trains, so cute. I don't know why I have been seeing cute charms and accessories pop up left right and centre when I am a full time unemployed student.

Anyway, I love your shoes and believe me you do not look like you're in pain. I am actually so sensitive I always buy shoes half or a size bigger than my true size just so I do not have the pain of breaking in.

Love from Toronto, Canada.

anni said...

Super cute earrings !