Sunday, August 1, 2010

an abyss of items

I once again failed to bend the weather by will alone, despite my decision to wear tights after I should have learned a valuable lesson from the blazer the day before.

Scarf: thrifted in Bloomington, Indiana
Dress: thrifted in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
Wine Tights: Carson's
Booties: Madden Girl

To be frank, I wore this yesterday whilst antiquing, jug-wine-for-party-procuring and swimsuit shopping with Mary. Today, I am looking dull. I traveled to a faraway once-monthly flea with Colleen. As you may have guessed, the occasion for which the aforementioned jug wine was purchased somewhat compromised my sleeping schedule. This morning, I ran into the driveway to meet Colleen without my SPF 90+ completely rubbed in. I wore a 50 cent swimsuit coverup/possibly actual dress that I have owned forever. We wandered around the fairgrounds for hours. I found a perfect early '60s tan frame bag, about which I am psyched. I also eyed many odd items and wondered how one comes into some of the items we saw there. Personalized wishing stones? An atari? Teddy Ruxpin? A rusted-out wagon?

Still, I really, really love old things. I must admit to questioning the utility of some of the items at times. What human problem, for instance, is solved by the attainment of a palm-sized flowery dish? Is it for purposes of gifting, or something specifically sought out?

"Oh, perfect! Now I have somewhere to put my paper clips! And I've been carrying them around in my hands all this time like an idiot!"

That's probably just about how it goes down.

I don't actually have any paper clips. I have to hold paper together with my fingers, just like my ancestors did.


Jessica said...

You look incredible in this outfit! I'm especially fond of the tights, but I can't imagine wearing them at this time of year. I noticed you're in Chicago, isn't it ridiculously humid there too? (I'm in Madison, Wis.)

When I was young, I had a bit of a fit and tossed Teddy Ruxpin down the stairs. He merely growled after that. Oops.

CC said...

Yay for red lips! Love the wine-colored tights. :)

Leilani said...

Hey did you go to the Kane County flea market? I've blogged several times about my adventures there... was tempted to go this weekend but have been avoiding flea markets due to budget concerns (have downscaled to just going to thrifts and garage sales for a while).

Claire said...

you look lovely in that dress.

x♥x♥ :)

Miranda said...

i love this!
the tights are wonderful and the dress is adorable :)

Sheila said...

Great shoes! I'm quite bad at not dressing for the weather.

I love flea markets - there never seem to be any around here.

Kelly said...

The purple scarf is SO PRETTY with your hair and skin.

I am working very hard at not buying a ton of old things. I am in the process of moving and I'm goodwilling SO MUCH JUNK that I own because it is pretty and old, not because it does anything useful.

Lauren said...

I love this dress!!!