Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ladybirds of prey

I am not a bird expert. Indeed, I cannot even remember the word for 'bird expert.' I believe it begins with an 'o,' but all I can think of is 'oncologist,' and I daresay that is actually a cancer expert. Orthopedist and oracle are likewise off the mark.

However, based on anecdotal evidence and something I think I may have read in a zoo once, I am inclined to believe that a certain subset of our feathered bros make their plumes tall and snazzy in order to say, "Hey, ladybirds, I am open to romantic suggestion! Hit up on this."

...and I, snatching my cue, have appropriated a more female homo sapian version.
"Hey, man-humans, check me out!"**

Feather headband: Forever 21
Shades: Target
Necklace: One of those trade show things with cheap jewelry
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Belt: vintage Judith Lieber
Slip: thrifted
Shoes: Target

**It should be noted, to all aspiring and professional not-oncologists-but-something-that-sounds-sort-of-like-it, that vertical plummage does not have the same enticing effect on humans that it does on birds.


Anonymous said...


best wishes :)

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Wow, what a beautiful outfit. I've been looking through your blog and you've got such great style.

Ps. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Good luck if you already have!

WendyB said...

You're too funny. I'm interested in seeing that dress alone, without the cardigan. Looks like a cool pattern!

Eyeliah said...

Lol, and such a cute outfit, great colors.

Chandler said...

Cute belt!


bestie said...

NATASHA YOU'RE BACK!!! Ohmygoodness how I've missed your posts! (: you've gotten thin! But still as stylish and gorgeous as ever. I'm gonna go catch up on your life! Haha

mona said...

You have the most amazing belts! Wow! Love the combinations of this outfit! You do plumage well!