Friday, July 9, 2010

He's from Estonia, and I think he's jive

Encino Man gets my vote for the best terrible movie out there. That, and, my write-in vote for president.

For those of you who don't know, Encino Man is the harrowing tale of a two high school nerds, Pauly Shore and his friends, who hap upon the astoundingly well-preserved remains of a cro-magnon, Brendan Frasier, while digging in Pauly Shore's friend's backyard. The cro-magnon is so well-preserved, in fact, that it is actually still alive. This is suspect, of course - the implication is that Frasier was encapsulated in a thick layer of ice after the onslaught of the Ice Age and that this enabled him to remain alive, despite the fact that Pauly Shore and His Friend do not appear to have dug too deep into their Southern California property. Natch, they bring Frasier into Friend's home and convince Friend's family that Frasier is an exchange student from Estonia. After a scene in which Frasier does wild caveman things, makes a mess, and threatens to get Friend totally grounded, the boys decide to clean him up and bring him to high school. The cro-magnon makes them popular and ultimately gets voted Prom King.

In any event, returning from a developing nation and re-entering the blogosphere sort of makes me feel like Encino Man. I have to re-learn how to use the internet. I don't know what an RSS feed is. There are so many fun and exciting new avenues by which to be narcissistic. Brands of shoes of which I was to this point unawares. And fanciness! Everything is fancy. And what the hell is tumblr?

I will be re-educating myself to whatever degree that I can. Until then, I will never leave the house naked - as evidenced by this ensemble, which took me to lunch.


Fascinator: vintage, eBay
Scarf: vintage, from Grandma
Earrings: thrifted
Dress: Target
Belt: vintage, from Grandma
Flats (not shown - Target)






Kelly said...

I've only just found your blog because someone shared a post in my RSS reader (was that mumbo jumbo?) but I wanted to say welcome back to the Internet!

Eyeliah said...

Who are these people that don’t know Encino Man???? Lol. Good luck getting up to speed, I’m hear if you need any help.

mona said...

So pretty! The fascinator looks gorgeous in your hair!

Definitely true re. Encino Man. Best terrible film for sure! :)

Enjoy re-educating yourself, dressing fancy and shopping! I imagine that you will love Tumblr too! There are also so many new fashion blogs to read!

Ashelee said...

i was a frequent visitor of your blog before you left and the other day I was sitting around and something just told me "hey she should be back by now" so i typed in the url and VOILA! glad to see you made it back safely and are getting better

Terri said...

Hi! I'm thinking these fascinators of yours are the answer to the awkward length of my growing out hair.

As you get the hang of blogging again, you might want to add the bloglovin' widget. :)

Leilani said...

Another adorable fascinator! You must have quite the collection.