Monday, July 26, 2010

A bicep is no place for an unnecessary accessory.

Because it is summer, you have by now perhaps noticed that I wear an inexplicable severed sock on my arm.

Vintage fascinator: thrifted
Shades: Target
Butchered men's sock: Target
Vintage 50s dress: Etsy
Vintage Judith Lieber belt: from Grandma
Gold cuff: antique store
Booties: Madden Girl

I am NOT attempting to facilitate a comeback of the armband. That would be silly and would suggest that I perceived the armband to have ever been a fad in the first place. Actually, the tube sock covers a colossal IV port. Tuberculosis, you surly knave. Naturally, I need the tube socks to match my outfits.

...oh hey! Why don't I snap a photo directly under the sun???

FULL DISCLOSURE: There was totally nothing above my head. I just posed that way. See? That's acting. But I probably almost had you believing that I spotted a bee in a tuxedo. Probably a handsome one, which would explain my feigned sexyface.


Kelly said...

That dress looks great on you (and great with the red lipstick!)

Terri said...

This looks so...Italian! In fact, I had wondered about the armwear.

Christy said...

You're one of the few style bloggers I've found who recognizes that what we do is often pretty ridiculous. ;)

And I love your outfit; you look beautiful in yellow!

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

your dress is amazing! I love the color:) and you look good in red lipstick!:)

Love, Paxie

P.S. My big blog giveaway has started. It's open to international readers. Hope you could join!=)

WendyB said...

I wish I could just wear your hair for a day or so.

Leilani said...

Your hair looks great in these photos, not sure how you do it in this humidity! Also may I ask what kind of lipstick you wear? I'm thinking of trying a new brand/shade.

We should definitely swap vintage tips soon! I'm trying to organize a Chicago area meetup the 2nd weekend of August so let me know if you'd be free then!

Val said...

ahh love the pattern on the dress :)

Becky said...

I love this dress! You are so pretty! ♥

Same Page Notion

mona said...

How lovely! What a wonderful dress! The fascinator looks amazing in your hair! You make everything look chic and fabulous!