Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, clearly I haven't posted in a while. I meant to, but having a full-time babysitting job and spending time in friends' basements is ultimately not conducive to piecing outfits together. Furthermore, I am finally leaving for Ukraine tomorrow and have made peace with the fact that style is a hobby I cherish but will have to give up for the next two years. I will be working as a volunteer with a very limited living stipend, working on projects in my community, and living off of a single suitcase of mixable-matchable clothing. I will miss it, but I am very happy. I had a wonderful summer - I had lots of time with people I love and even stowed money away for my vacation time abroad.

I have started a new blog at where I will chronicle my experiences in the Peace Corps.

Thank you to all who have read this blog. I loved writing it and your websites, comments and creativity have been a delight. Fashion, clothes and style are not things that fit too seamlessly into my life now, but I know I'll be back.

All the best, and all my love!