Monday, June 30, 2008


It was so pretty out today, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to the zoo. It was breezy, sunny and crowded. I was excited to whip up a day outfit, because I have been lounging around and reading a heck of a lot during the day and haven't worn much more than sweatpants before 9pm all week. Usually I'd pair an outfit like this with heels, but heels at the zoo seemed a bit whacky. Trust me, I looked kooky enough.

zoo trip

Grey beret: Paris flea market
Aqua necklace: Another Paris market
Fushia top: thrifted
Bright blue belt: thrifted
Ruffled skirt: Forever21
Vintage 60s frame bag: antique store
Grey knee socks: Target
Black flats: Target

The necklace was only about $3, and it is large and gaudy. These are two of my favorite style adjectives.


"Wolf Woods" contained no wolves, except for a few behind a fence. But they were so far away that they looked like normal dogs anyhow.




...there were animals too.




I realized I have never given you a glimpse of Mike, my boyfriend and trusty photographer. He is a great sport, because I hardly imagine that he much enjoys taking self-indulgent photos of me and I don't think he really wanted me to take this photo of him. He is actually moving to Turkmenistan when I move to Ukraine, at which point we'll part for our respective Peace Corps jaunts.


...and I couldn't resist acting like a damn toddler for a moment on the way to the car.




Hailey @ said...

You look so nice and colorful, I agree with your choice to wear flats!

Anonymous said...

You guys are such a lovely pair, and you definitely know how to have fun. I say you're never too old to turn yourself into a bee for photographic purposes! :P

Très Lola said...

You look so super cute!! The skirt is fabulous & the socks... it's so well put together. Love it!

Nay'Chelle said...

Lovely outfit! The zoo is always tons of fun.

bestie said...

aww, looks like you had a fun time! your outfit is so darling, perfect for going to the zoo.(;

i must say though, as adorable as all the animals are (giraffes are my favorite!), i avoid going to the zoo because i kind of feel sorry for them. i imagine all kinds of zoo cruelty (which may actually be nonexistent) and always get the urge to set the animals free!:s

Anonymous said...

Oh great pictures - I love your skirt and you paired it so well!

Anonymous said...

pretty outfit/georgeous boyfriend

Isa said...

looks like a lovely day - I went to the zoo, actually the zoo´s `djungle night´some weks ago as well with the boyriend and absolutely enjoyed it!

you and your man truly are a lovely couple - I kind of have the same situation with the boyfriend as well in some months: I´m leaving to go to university and he will start working (how grown-up are we?) after his studies. good luck and an amazing time for the both of you!

after all of course you look adorable as always!

Isabel said...

The zoo is a damn good time! I haven't gone in years! I think your purse is absolutely fanfuckingtastic, Natasha. Honest.

annabananna said...

you look fab as ever. that skirt! and your bf is really cute!

The Clothes Horse said...

Aw sweet pictures. The zoo is so fun to visit. And nice catch on your boy! ^_-

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours as of yet.

(R)evolver74 said...

Is that Lincoln Park Zoo? I've been meaning to go this summer but never got round to it.

Great outfit too!!

N/OutofFashion said...

Gorgeous outfit, animals - boyfriend

:D xx

Leilani said...

How funny, my boyfriend and I (who also happens to be named Mike) almost went to the zoo on Monday too... is that the Brookfield Zoo or Lincoln Park? The cutout in the last photo looks like one at Brookfield...

Vintage Vinyl said...

I love the zoo!! You look so gorgeous.

NewYorkChique said...

Ah i love the beret!
and what a cute couple =]
would you like to link?

Miss Woo said...

Bless, penguins! and you look very cute in the beret ;)

Sinead said...

I love your outfit! Perfect for a fun day. Flats are always the best bet for the zoo, too.

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, i love the skirt, it's very pretty, Oh and the penguins are so cute :) The outfit is very summery, i like it!
Check out my new post, :)

1234 said...

i love your knee highs!

the iron chic said...

Long distance relationship, huh?
How long are you going to be apart?

April said...

I love this outfit! The colors are fantastic and so are the necklace and the hat! and i love that you wore it to the zoo :]

[mind if i link you on my blog? it's brand new.]