Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Having a (costume) ball

I rarely find celebrity style too groundbreaking...some of the most frequently lauded style setters bore me. Even if I liked what Jessica Simpson was wearing (note: I don't,) I can't afford it.

I do have to make an exception for last night's annual costume ball at the Met, and have decided to include my favorite looks.

Christina Ricci


She is like a valentine's card with glitter on the front and a cheesy poem in a nearly illegible cursive font poem inside that happens to rhyme 'dove' and 'love'. But in a really good way.

Michelle Monaghan


When I first saw this photo, I was so happy for Ms. Monaghan for having worked off all the baby weight after having Tom Brady's child and showing up looking so much more smashing than Gisele Bundchen. Then I realized I was actually confusing her with Bridget Monaghan and that Michelle Monaghan has not beared a child recently. Still, she looks great. She played the free-spirited brunette in The Heartbreak Kid, which I saw on an airplane. I sat through the whole thing and laughed at a few parts. I am just now beginning to bear looking at myself in the mirror again.

Elizabeth Banks


Ms. Banks was the crazy, drunk blonde at the beginning of The 40-Year Old Virgin. This is how I feel Met ball dresses should be...a bit kooky, a bit artsy, but elegant and polished.

EDIT: Ms. Banks actually played the book store girl, not the crazy drunk one. I am proliferating lies on the internet. Thank you to Hailey of Style Symmetry for feeding me a hot bowl of truth.

Claudia Schiffer (with Valentino!)


Tips for pulling off a dress like this:
1. Be Claudia Schiffer.

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky


Fine. I don't actually think either of them were actually at the gala, and this photo was taken almost three months ago. But isn't it kind of glorious that they are still friends? They are probably en route to another meth intervention for Stephanie Tanner.


Stephanie said...

Personally, I'd rather own Lori Loughlin's jacket instead of those fancy dresses. :)

Naomi said...

Course, standing next to Valentino makes everyone look better as well. That's one very leathery Italian midget. Speaking of which, I saw a picture of Roberto Cavalli in a trashy mag and DAMN does that guy have problems.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ricci reminded me of Valentine's Day too!

WendyB said...

Ricci had a great dress. What did the other dresses have to do with the theme of the event? You could wear those to any big occasion.

AsianCajuns said...

I drooled over many of the Costume Institute dresses (love your pics), but I agree with WendyB... apart from Ricci, the theme seems irrelevant to most red-carpeters.

(R)evolver74 said...

I agree, CR looks great!!!

ps Let me know about what you think of the humongous F21 on the Mag Mile!!

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

he, I posted the Christina Ricci pic too, loved her in that! Elizabeth Banks looks great too! Are you referring to the drunk who was driving with Andy near to the beggining of 40yr old? Because that was Leslie Mann (Cable Guy). Elizabeth Banks was Beth, the bookstore clerk a bit later on.

bronwyn said...

I love Christina's Ricci's dress, yes, perfect for valentine's day :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I really adore Christina - she looks so great!

Natasha said...

stephanie: I'd rather have her companion. :)

revolver74: I really want to, as soon as the forecast doesn't threaten rain.

hailey: Damn it. you are right. Thanks!

laura said...

the only person who's outfit i really like is michelle monaghan - she looks pretty. (: valentino's tan looks so exaggerated...

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

lol, no worries. It's sad that I've seen the movie enough time to know it!

Elissa said...

I loved Christina Ricci's dress as well! She sometimes looks a hot mess, but this did perfect tribute to her looks.

And, like WendyB, I saw no correlation to the theme and the outfits. Boo! Why do people play it so safe? It's the COSTUME institute people! Hehe!

Vernita said...

I was wondering who Elizabeth Banks was while reading this post - I couldn't believe that's the crazy bookstore clerk in 40 y.o. Virgin! For some reason I always get her mixed up with Chelsea Handler... Don't ask why!