Thursday, May 15, 2008

black, white and red

I happen to be one of those rare people who was naturally born with pale pale skin and hair so dark it is nearly black. Make-up is always a challenge - several lines don't even make shades light enough for me, and it is easy to over-do it on color.

Still, lately I am craving a cherry pout. I love wearing red lipstick, but it seems as if I always get it on my teeth, my food, my cup, and any other thing that could make contact with my lips. It also seems to fade and I have trouble finding the right shade. I am terribly worried about achieving this decidedly unflattering effect:


Especially since I have that top in 11 colors and never leave the house without my pumpkin.

There are many famous ladies with my coloring who manage to pull off the look without looking threatening.


Ashley Judd is pretty divine.


Though I personally have never seen the resemblance, not a week goes by in which I don't get told by a random stranger that I look like Anne Hathaway. It must be the hair and skin.


You know what? I adore this woman. This post is actually about to devolve into a brief homage to Ms. von Teese. She always looks really terrific, except for when her favorite accessory was Marilyn Manson.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

That felt nice. Remember how a few days ago I said that I try not to post photos of celebrities? Clearly I cannot be trusted.

Anyhow. If you look closely at the first photo of Dita, you can she is holding a tube of lipstick. I suspect it is a tube of MAC lipstick. I decided to browse the shades MAC has to offer, and I found this. It is called Russian Red, and it looks like the perfect shade I've been searching for...not to mention I am mad about all things Russian, and so it seems like a match made in a very superficial heaven.


I think I'll have to try it out despite the fact that expensive lipstick makes me convulse a little.


Pretty Pirate said...

I just recently got my first tube of mac, a gorgeous red shade (viva glam 1) It looks like Dita is holding a viva glam tube in that photo, (ts black and red). The color is more of a brick red, which suits my skin tone really well, I love it. It looks great with a clean face and just lipstick.

I see your resemblance with Anne Hathaway, you are both beautiful. People tell me all the time that I look like Kristen Dunst, It always goes something like this.....
Do you know who you look like?
Yeah, kristen dunst,
Oh, you've heard that before.
Yeah all the time.
Oh, well you do look like her.

It's always amusing.

Btw, I love Dita too, how can you not, she's amazing.

WendyB said...

The perfect red is Long Lasting Lust,also by MAC. I wrote about it here:

Anonymous said...

Have you come across krisatomic's blog? You might want to check it out, that is if you haven't. You mentioned Russian and she immediately came to mind.

I think you're the type of girl who's naturally beautiful. You can roam the streets sans makeup and still manage to look pretty. But if you must and when the mood strikes, go for the dramatic bold lips and paint them red. :-)

Hailey @ said...

About a year ago a makeup artist helped me pick out the perfect red lipstick, I lost it within a couple weeks! lol. I need to head back to the department store, I can't pick a red without assistance.
p.s. you do look like Anne.

Nadine said...

I love Dita - she's so pretty and elegant - always!

Cherryred said...

Hey you do look like Anne Hathaway!
Cant wait to see you try your lippy out. I'm always scared of looking like a clown.

kater said...

As someone so pale that crazy men in grocery store parking lots call me albino, I sympathize!

I love red lipstick, although I don't wear it often because I'm such a snacker :P I LOVE mac's Russian Red, as you've posted about here, and I find that MAC lipstick is really worth the price. It's a really great consistency, and it stays on brilliantly! I also got some revlon at target on sale that I love :P

elizabethhhhh said...

Oh my lordy, Russian Red is truly the most amazing shade of red, especially for pinky-pale girls (yes! over here! me!). I bought it last year in Singapore (I live in Australia) and was devastated when I realised you couldn't buy the shade in Australia anymore! Now I use it sparingly, because God forbid I run out!
Definetely go for it- red lipstick is such a BOOST.

Isabel said...

Dita von Teese! Is a freakin' goddess. I'm glad she's given up the Manson legacy to Miss Evan Rachel Wood.

Always In Style said...

Fantastic post - although I understand your dilemma about finding flattering makeup I do think that your coloring is absolutely gorgeous.

Dita's a not to shabby beauty role model too. Nice pics!

Dotti said...

Go for red girl, dare, just dare. With your porcelain teint it's just perfect.
I got the Revlon Red which I perfectly could imagine on your lips as well.

Caitlin said...

It's the eyes. I totally get it.

Times of Glory said...

I totally adore red lipsticks. Try different ones! you have the asset to wear red lipsticks!

Why not go down MAC to try? They have seriously so many, from Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Viva Glam (Dita was advertising for that), MAC RED and so many more. Then you can compare the colour and the texture as well. For example, ruby woo gives the perfect blue-tone red, but many girls don't like it, since it is very dry (it is designed to achieve vintage matte look).

Also, it can be depending on what your usual color of clothing, cool-tone (berry red) goes with cool colour clothes and warmer-tone (more orangy red) goes with warmer tone clothes. And of course your own skin tone... Hope you find a perfect one or perfect few xxxxxx

Kendrika said...

As another palefaced darkhair, I agree with previous commentors that MAC's Russian Red, with Brick liner, is a good 'un. It's pretty matte and can dry my lips out (I just use lip balm or chapstick under it) but doesn't get all over my teeth, glass, etc. And it's a bit pricey-it's the only expensive makeup I own-but I think one great red lipstick is worth a little extra.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I too am a very pale faced- dark haired girl. As for foundation I stick with the palest shade of Bare Minerals and it always works a treat. Red lips have been my trade mark since I was 15 years old, so I have had loads of practice with that one. I would always recommend using a quality lip liner, one that isn't too soft in consistency, then your colour is safe from 'bleeds'. If you are looking for a top quality and much less expensive lipstick, try the ones from Avon. They are top notch and stay on really well.
.. I think that i may have to post soon about this as, come to think of it, I have quite a bit to say on the subject. :)

XXX Super Kawaii Mama XXX

Natalie said...

i once met dita at a party and, in person, she looks EXACTLY like she does in photographs, her skin is like white china.

The Clothes Horse said...

I think a lot of this look has to do with confidence, you can definitely rock it.

Lisa K.nits said...

I am also pale with dark hair. I love red lipstick and I like the cover girl tru shine in the fire shine shade. It doesn't look scary with my complexion. It's a good baby step into red and isn't too expensive. If you find the perfect shade please do share!

Label Ho said...

Great post! I, too, have pale skin and dark hair!

simply.steph said...

I LOVE DITA! Cannot say that enough times, oh man, and i look at rachel evan woods, the girl now dating manson, and yeah she does not compare in the least bit, though she looks like shes trying her best to copy dita.

Annie said...

Buy some eyeshadow primer in a neutral shade (estee lauder makes one that's about $13) and apply it before your lip liner. It makes MAC lipstick last for-freaking-ever. I've never really looked around for a lip primer, but this is a good option if you want your red to stay put.

Mikkle said...

oh i love dita! seems like she never leaves the house without looking like perfection. Lol i find it funny how the new manson arm piece is trying her hardest to like like dita. She can't even compare

SpiegelEule said...

ohh dita,
she's always dressed perfect and i love her.

Naomi said...

oh oh oh!!! That's MY lipstick!! The exact shade! and I have very different colouring to you (blonde hair, olivey skin) and it still works a treat, and it is utterly, utterly perfect (I mean, except for the usual stayfast lippie malarkey of it gets dry after a couple of hours and when you drink a glass of wine or similar it kinda... creeps away from the inside of your mouth. But every lipstick does it so one can't really complain).

Sorry. I think I just spacked out. I just really really love that lipstick.

ashley said...

why not try mac viva la glam lipstick , dita uses it and all the money goes to charity deffo worth the £11 it costs . she uses the shade : viva glam

Anonymous said...

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