Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Non-handbag handbags

I have noticed several innovative babes carting their personal affects in things that were not made with the express purpose of existing as handbags, such as small pieces of luggage and work portfolios.





...or, if you are feeling daring and a.) never drop things and b.) never carry tampons, then you could even try a basket:


(All photos courtesy of Face Hunter and Hel-Looks)

I am intrigued. What could I do but do an eBay search for vintage items-that-are-not-actually-handbags-but-could-be?

Vintage carry-on luggage
Pro: You'll look like a jet-setter.
Con: Tricky to open on the fly.



Vintage doctor's bags
Pro: There is a special slot for your scalpel.
Con: You do not actually have a scalpel.



Vintage bowling bags
Pro: The shoe compartment means you can stash a pair of emergency flats for times when heels turn your feet into bloody stumps.
Con: Virtually no compartments for anything else.



Vintage lunch boxes
Pro: According to studies, having an accessory that features a kitschy animated character triples the quantity of your friends.
Con: Bullies will try to steal your dunkaroos.




AsianCajuns said...

Oooo, what an awesome post! That is totally inspiring and I feel kinda narrow-minded carrying around my Urban Outfitters purse (kind of the opposite end of the spectrum). I'm particularly feeling that basket look for the summer!

providentstyle said...

I love these so much, especially the last big leather bag. Hopefully I'll stumble upon one while thrifting someday soon!

Elissa said...

Woah. That flowered carry-on is to die for! And that tooled bowling bag is treading Lebowski territory. I'm seriously in love!

Amelia said...

I love the bowling bags and lunch boxes. I'll definitely be looking out for such things next time I thrift.

E said...

I carry a 60s bowling bag around all of the time! Granted it's mostly used for Day Trips and the like (usually I carry only my chapstick, wallet, and phone: pocket stuff), but I think it's fantastic. Plus it's a super-rad green. How could one not be in love with this style?

Hailey @ said...

I am totally lovin the luggage, only thing is these have 'handles' and I prefer staps so I can sling it over the shoulder. At any rate, I am constantly using my big handled luggage bag. :-)

Mer said...

jajaja, I love the pacman box!!!

capturedlife said...

they look all so great! good picks!

maebetonight said...

Actually I usually carry a vintage doctor's bag as my purse! It's got a great shape to it, and a cute handle.... and there's a nice amount of small pockets on the inside. I found it at a consignment shop and it's easily the best item ever!

WendyB said...

One could always acquire a scalpel!

Nadine said...

Oh what a great post. I would love to wear a hat box as a handbag!

Stephanie said...

I love them all!

fashion Chalet said...

LOVE your outfit at the top
so very parisian chic in fall!

Chocoholic said...

I have a burlap, basmati rice bag with a handle on the top that I use for a purse at times. I get compliments on it and it's always like, "Yeah, it came from Sam's. It had the rice in it but I we ate all the rice." I've had it for awhile.

Tavi said...

I really love the floral one, the bowling ones, and the pacman lunchbox. I have a Beatles Yellow Submarine lunchbox, and now after reading this post I will probably use it as a handbag! Thanks for the inpspiration, and I really love your blog.

(R)evolver74 said...

4Th girl with the schoolboy satchel: I've been wanting one of those for ages!! Preferably battered and well-used looking.

Isabel said...

The bag in the first picture - is it vintage needlepoint? Oh my, it is beautiful. said...

I love the pac man lunch box - would totally want one.

Thomas said...

The time for luggage has returned. Mongrammed luggage, luggage that takes the five largest cows of Europe to make. Away with the synthetics, away with the damned trollies. Luggage.

(The preceding has been brought to you by the fine folks at LVMH. When considering a matching set of luggage, why not look at Louis Vuitton? Thank you.)

ed said...