Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marie Claire's fashion editor Tracy Taylor: spring, and stuff.

Let me preface this with the following. In real life I am a bit of a snarky, sassy person. If someone were to say it less diplomatically (and oh, they have,) "smart ass" might be the term of choice. Still, I try to be quite positive on this blog. I am definitely not one to criticize fashion or style, especially when the person in question exercised creativity and took a bit of a risk before they left the house. I am all for that! Even if I wouldn't wear something, I admire someone who can pull it off and am willing to break bread with those who have different tastes.

That said, I never told myself I wouldn't be critical of fashion editors or the ways in which they package and present their field of inquiry. Behold this "Today Show" clip, featuring the fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine, Tracy Taylor, discussing spring fashion trends and a special 'splurge vs. steal' sequence:

In case you don't care to watch the video or did not catch Ms. Taylor's quote in all of its muddy, blundering glory, here it is. When asked by the interviewer about spring fashion trends, Ms. Taylor replied:

"Overall for spring we're seeing, you know, color, sort of white, bright, really happy, florals, um, graphic, you know, black and white is always chic, as you're wearing today, and, um, you know, just generally sort of happy, fun things."

Wait...what? She seriously said that. I actually paused the video and rewinded it several times simply to transcribe the quote faithfully. First off, this is the linguistic equivalent to Chernobyl. Ms. Taylor, within a bracket of 40 total words (counting the 'ums') uses the phrase 'you know' thrice. No, Ms. Taylor. In fact, the viewership of the Today Show and the interviewer do not know, which is why the question was posed. That is also quite a lengthy sentence there - if I chose to type it out on, say, Microsoft Word, I am confident that it would be underlined with a green zig-zag.

Furthermore, Ms. Taylor uses 40 words to say absolutely nothing. Do you mean to tell me that this season it is acceptable to wear colors and look happy? Fun things are no longer off limits? I am relieved, because last spring's "I-just-shot-a-man-and-am-on-my-way-to-my-part-time-job-at-a-morgue" look made it tough to find dates. Also, I can wear color and black and white? I had better take advantage of this while I can, because come June if I venture outside in something that contains black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet I will look like a total asshole. I suppose this means I should stock up on my clear clothing for the spring. Maybe I should get the phone numbers of the designers who clothed the proverbial emperor? Except...wait. Now I am embarrassed. See, I have been wearing both colors and black and white all winter. Now that I think about it, I think I wore some things that were happy and possibly even a few florals. What was I thinking? My friends must all be whispering about me. Perhaps they even de-friended me on facebook.

This video, besides giving me a good laugh, really highlighted how silly season-to-season trends can be. Of course there are always trends that will woo you and beckon you to the nearest Forever21 to partake in a passing fad. But the idea of rushing out every new season to stock up on the "spring look" is laughable. Once you wade through the grammatical puddles and extract a drop or two of meaning from what Ms. Taylor described as the 'typical spring looks,' it is obvious that these things were popular before spring and will continue to be for long after.

But seriously, break out those tops you've been storing. You've been waiting, and the season it is acceptable to wear something that is either colorful or not colorful is finally upon us.


Elissa said...

Blech, these spots are always so boring. And yeah, I'll definitely be about town in my graphic floral black and white color happy things, you know?

WendyB said...

I'm terrified that I will be interviewed for something someday and come out with a whole lot of nothing. On the other hand, people say that on TV it hardly matters what you say, just that you keep talking. Hmmm.

AsianCajuns said...

You know, I can understand getting flustered on TV, especially if that's not your day job, but you are so right to point this out. I know a lot of people who already think fashion is essentially frivolous, unnecessary, and silly– I think Ms. Taylor enforces their narrow-minded view. Shucks.

Natasha said...

wendyb and asiancajuns: Of course I can understand misspeaking when you are being interviewed on television, especially when the interviewer 'throws you through a loop' and catches you off guard. Still, the question of 'what are we seeing this spring?' was hardly a surprising one. Throughout the rest of the interview Ms. Taylor was much more relaxed and articulate, so I chalk this one up to the fact that people are desperate to separate one season from another to encourage people to go out and buy new pieces.

Stephanie said...

This post was hilarious - smart asses are the best kinds of people!

Hailey @ said...

I shop all the time anyway, regardless of season changes. :-)

Isabel said...

I didn't watch the video but WOW, does she ever sound dumb by the looks of that quote!