Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting Lucky

In many ways, I think that fashion blogs have really chipped away at the relevancy of fashion magazines. I still read them, but their places of prominence in my life have been usurped by real girls with more style and creativity than a lot of the women pictured in conventional magazines. Blogs are also more frequently updated, so it is nice to get a dose of style every few hours rather than every month.

Also, print publication bears the burden of having to reach a wide audience and the scope of fashion magazines thus tends to be somewhat broad and safe. Magazines, in my eyes, tend not to take the risks with clothes that many internet fashion stars do.

Still, I have a soft spot for Lucky and a few other magazines that I pick up each month. Lucky has a knack for putting together outfits that are polished but not terribly boring, and its looks are much more accessible than those in, say, Vogue or Elle. It has a friendlier and less elite vibe to it, and I love their website. If reading Vogue is an escapist fantasy for me, Lucky is more of a field manual - I can actually apply a lot of their tips and ensembles rather than simply daydreaming. Lucky is especially valuable for professional outfits that are fresh and creative. Here are some outfits in the new issue, part of a series of a month's worth using only a few select pieces. The magazine really is a mix-and-match tome.

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Also, the website has a fun feature called "Does This Outfit Work?" in which they help a woman tweak her ensemble a bit.


...I am a bit puzzled as to why Ali Larter is on the cover again. I could have hallucinated, but I think she was their cover girl just a few months ago. She's a bit random to be such a frequent repeat, isn't she?


Hailey @ said...

I love there mix and match approach to, aothough I do not buy the mag, just read the site. I also recently did a post on Lucky! ;-)

1234 said...

and blogs are free! buying a couple mags a month really adds up...a lot.

Sarah said...

I feel the exact same way about the relevancy of magazines. I actually like Lucky, my school library has it so I don't even bother buying, especially because their website is so cool. Funny how my favorite features of their website are actually the ebay blog and the shopping blog.

But as I realized my first stops of the day for inspiration are to street style and other blogs instead of reading magazines or browsing their websites, it really shows how accessible the industry is, and how we don't rely on a few people with fashion in their job titles to dictate what we'll be wearing.

jenn said...

I totally agree with you, I love being able to read fun fashion posts everyday instead of once a month!

By the way, I loooove your blog. Want to exchange links?

Fashion Tidbits said...

i like all the floral undertones

Isabel said...

Call me a snob, but I only read i-D. Lucky and Vogue just don't do it for me.

the iron chic said...

pfffft. You should be giving Lucky tips!

princessmillatwoshoes said...

How did you feel about Jane? Of all the 'regular' women's mags (not overtly feminist like bust or venuszine which I love) I always liked it the best. It had a similar down to earth attitude to Lucky. But now it's gone. sigh.
Still, happily, we have blogs. Love yours & especially the lengthy musings on cool stuff.

Elissa said...

I like Lucky a lot, too... their styling is very subtle, and I love how they can take something that looks too something and make it blend into a cohesive outfit. As far as fashion mags go, I also cannot live without Nylon or Missbehave.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I subscribe to Lucky and Domino.

Anonymous said...

Lucky is a good magazine to pull inspiration from - they showcase a lot of different styles. However, I am so glad there is the wonderful world of blogs now. I need my daily fix of pics and "real girl" fashion. Love your blog and style!

K.Line said...

I totally share your perspective about the diminishing relevancy of print fashion mags. I used to go crazy for 2 weeks after I'd read everything I love from cover to cover, waiting for the next batch to come out. Now I barely have time to read the newest issues because I'm spending all my free moments either blogging or reading the blogs... K

Anonymous said...