Monday, April 14, 2008

Colorblock Monday

I went for a color-blocked look this morning, but the addition of the socks and scarf are intended to add a bit of quirk without which, in my opinion, an outfit isn't quite done.

aristocratic pirate

Shades: Target
White scarf: thrifted
Brooch on scarf knot: H&M
Black cardigan: Old Navy
Red tee: Urban Outfitters
Vintage Judith Lieber belt: my grandma's old
Blue pencil skirt: thrifted
Black tights: Target
Blue socks: H&M
Red flats: Target

The scarf is slightly French salon / Bluebeard, no? Not that I mind.


Anonymous said...

Love those cute anklets. I agree about the socks. Really loved those yellow socks that you folded down, too! Keep wearing them.


Nadine said...

The scarf is so beautiful! And I love the colorblocking!

WendyB said...

Bold! good work.

Isabel said...

Cooool. I love the colourblock outfit! And how you call it aristocratic pirate. That is equally awesome.

Anonymous said...

the scarf is my favorite part of this outfit

Hailey @ said...

I already commented on wr :-)
but I really like how you take it to the next level, I'd struggle to be bold enough to add the socks.

Elissa said...

Love that ascot! Meet you at the croissants!

puf! said...

belt and cardigan are my favourite part of your outfit <3 cute!

Percy Chatsworth said...

I love the top portion (cardigan, scarf tied like that and belt). A beautiful off-white dress would also look incredible underneath the cardi!