Monday, March 17, 2008

The Return, and Graffiti gets chic!

I am back. I finally have consistent access to the internet, which is a relief in so many ways. I missed the blogosphere and greater internet world, and never realized quite how dependent I am upon the internet until I was without it for over a week. Here are just a few examples of how crippled I was:

* I have no actual dictionary and instead use an online version, so without the internet I could not look up spelling or usage of various words

* I get the vast majority of my news online, and pretty much missed everything that happened over the course of the past several days. I think there could have been a coup d'etat and I wouldn't have known.

* I could not look up addresses, phone numbers or maps

* I could not look up assignments for my classes (this information is posted online,) and had to pester my classmates for the info

* I had to take the train to school simply to check my e-mail

So, basically I am glad to be back. This week has pretty much conformed to Murphy's Law, though, and I have a pretty wretched cold. Between feeling like crap and having my work piled up for me for the rest of my finals week, I haven't worn anything worth looking at for days. I should have outfit posts running soon, as soon as I pull myself out of my rut.

In other news, I am charmed by this article which chronicles the latest in what is apparently a string of incidents involving 'knitting graffiti.' This small-town Ohio tree is the latest target of the warm and fuzzy street art:


In some cases, the article states, people travel from several towns away to add their mark to the piece. The tree's vibrant sweater is even speckled with good-luck charms and pockets that contain poetry, jokes and photos.

Isn't that just darling? I wish everyone would put down the spray paint and pick up a pair of knitting needles.


The Clothes Horse said...

Great form of graffiti, but I wonder what the effects are on nature and what the knits look like after a month in the elements!

Natasha said...

I wondered that at first too. Apparently, the art is also temporary...they plan to dismantle the project and give away the pieces of it for arbor day. Sustainable and sweet!

Stephanie said...

That's so sweet! I still like the look of graffiti like Fafi's though.

Sanna said...

Happy to have you back, Natasha!

Imelda Matt said...

It doesn't get any better than 'Whimsical Nerd', I'll be back tomorrow to read more.

heather said...

welcome back!

the iron chic said...

How did you live?!
How did you live?!
I am so crippled without internet access now. Sad really.
Welcome back!!!

laura said...

wow, it's crazy to hear how many things you were missing without the internet. that shows the big role it playes in daily life...

i kind of like that knitted art, but i don't think the trees really "like it". anyway, it's way better than graffiti.