Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wal-Mart: A reconsideration.

As far as national megastore chains go, the convictions of most fashionistas can probably be summarized as follows:

Photobucket = YES!

Photobucket = NO!

My adoration for Target is considerable, indeed. I could wander the store for hours. I am excited to thumb through the Jovovich-Hawk line in a few days. Wal-Mart is a great go-to for basic necessities, but the store's fashion offerings are easy to regard with skepticism.

My change of heart was instigated by a pair of shoes. A few months ago, while on my way to the sewing supplies section, a delightful pair of black brogue pumps caught my eye. They were cute and $14.92. I bought them, and I am in love. They are my most comfortable pair of heels to walk in and I can and do wear them with a wide range of items. They have become one of my favorite and most versatile pieces. And they are from Wal-Mart. Is this a paradox? Are they an anomaly?

I decided to investigate further. I browsed all of Wal-Mart's apparel on its website and selected an outfit that I would wear.

This dress:


...over this top:


...with this charming little tote:


...and these cheeky booties:


Conclusion: Piece by piece, Wal-Mart duds aren't all bad. When all of their items are lumped together, as in the store, they look scary. But the brave would be able to find a few diamonds in the rough.

This analysis is a solely aesthetic one. I haven't taken the evils of the Wal-Mart empire into account. That would be another post, or book.


olimpiA said...

I really like the boots. The outfit that you chose is not so bad.

Jello on Springs said...

We don't have wal-marts here =/ hard to believe since it's nyc and you'd think we'd have every store imaginable...or at least i dont think there's a wal-mart around here. Hmm :rubs chin:

Brittany(akaRuby Ravenlocks) said...

I have those same brogues,love them!I started shopping at Walmart a few years ago when I noticed the George line.

Natasha said...

jello on springs: we don't have Wal Mart in the city of Chicago itself because they do not allow unionization. There are Wal-Marts in the suburbs though.

hailey said...

I totally don't have the patience for WalMart (and Im a thrift store addict!!). The reason being I guess is it's far away too so to go all the way there, only happens 3x a year. That green dress makes me want to go thou. In Canada - we dont have Target!!! I know, its so sad.

Chocoholic said...

I, unfortunately, had to work at Wal-mart for a brief period between jobs. While they did have some cute clothes, I've found that Target's clothers tend to be a better quality and they really don't cost any more. Plain t-shirts I bought at Wal-mart shrunk and faded oddly after a couple washings while ones I've gotten from Target have lasted a couple years before fading or wearing out. I work in a casual office now, so I end up wearing jeans and a t-shirt with interesting jewelry and shoes pretty much everyday so these items get a lot of wear.

Just ignoring the ethical issues I have with Wal-mart, I wouldn't buy their clothes because of the past experiences with poor quality. Not all stores have the cuter clothes, either. I was told by a friend who still works there, that when the trendier clothes started being advertised from Wal-mart that they were being targeted more towards the Latina markets so...if you didn't live in an area that was considered that market, the clothes wouldn't be in your store. Kind of silly and a bit racist.

Kasmira said...

I usually troll the WalMart women and junior sections when I visit (which isn't often). As someone else mentioned, the George line is good. And I found an awesome plaid swing coat in the junior section (No Boundaries brand)!

Isabel said...

I am not allowed in Wal Mart. Literally.

the iron chic said...

Ever since my brother moved to the states, he's become soooo prejudiced of Wal-Mart. It's Target or nothing for him. How snobby!

tianadoll. said...

I bought those boots.
The thing about buying clothes from Wal Mart (where I live) is that everyone shops there, so at school you see about 14 people with the same hoodie as you.
But I love Wal Mart because their gummy worms are sooo cheaaap. :)

Anonymous said...

what i hate even more is when people iconize vintage fashion and shopping at thrift stores when everything else they get at target or walmart, THE WHOLE POINT OF SHOPPING AT THRIFT STORES IS TO DECENTRALIZE AND NOT SUPPORT LARGE CORPORATIONS
it pressures entrepreneurs and cuts down competition (including smaller diversified shops and boutiques) which is bad for our economy and has been sending our money and our jobs overseas.

and while people blame wal-mart, target is also creating the same problems as well but simply give off a more "luxurious" image with crafty advertising and "edgy" products

wal-mart and target are both scandilous corporate conglomerates, i'm disgusted by people who even considering shopping at either