Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have been searching feverishly at thrift stores for a pair of suspenders without any luck. It is easy to find suspenders with buttonhole fasteners, but I need clip-ons. The only clip ons I could find were holiday or cartoon themed...not exactly a bulls-eye. My lust was amplified by photos like this one of Lou Dillon snapped by The Sartorialist.


I was so happy when I finally had some luck this weekend at the Salvation Army. I found a pair of burgendy suspenders for only $1!



Headband: H&M
Shades: Target
Necklaces: thrifted, Forever21
Flowy-sleeve top: Anthropologie
Suspenders: thrifted
Pink tee: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Bangle: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Payless
Brogues: Bakers


Isa said...

I need some, too.
just finished my highwaist project - altering a dress into a highwaist skirt- and now I´m lusting after a pair of suspenders completing the outfit. lucky you, those are perfect!

Isabel said...

Ahaha, suspenders are great! I find them difficult to wear, because I rarely tuck in my shirt, and then it looks awikward. Oh well, you certainly look cute!

WendyB said...

I like your owl.

styleraven said...

I have a burgundy pair too, but I've never worn them. I just can't come up with the right outfit for them.

Wendy said...

I got a pair of blue suspenders from Hot Topic, its a great accessory.

Nadine said...

Oh I love suspenders and you look so cute wearing them!

Chocoholic said...

Wait...is that skirt originally from Target? I can't remember if it's the Mossimo or Merona brand but I have a skirt from there that looks like that. It's just hard to tell the exact plaid on there in the pictures.

hailey said...

oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about my suspenders! I haven't worn them in a quite a while now!!! I am so glad you got what you wanted at the thrift store (finally) - that's the best when it happens,

Anonymous said...

Suspenders are hot - and look good on you! I was so happy when my girlfriend started wearing suspenders, too lately.