Sunday, February 17, 2008


Since I am relatively new to the blogosphere, I have a few dull questions that I thought I'd throw out to my readers. I'd like to improve the blog any way I can!

-- How does one achieve an awesome header? I made mine in Microsoft Paint, and it reminds me of a macaroni necklace.

-- How does one rig it so that if you click on a photo, it redirects back to the original source (flickr, for example,) and not to my photobucket page? On that same note, how does one rig it so that the background when one is redirected to said photobucket page is white and blank?

-- What kind of posts would you like to see here? Is there a certain type of post you prefer? Any input as far as content goes will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your savvy, expertise and opinions. Since this was a dull post, I will leave you with something nice to look at.


That's the ticket.


WendyB said...

Ha ha! Macaroni necklace...I think you SHOULD do a macaroni header now!

Hailey said...

Sorry, I am of no help as I am not with google for my site. The only suggestion I would have is I hate that word verification box (lol, but it's probably neccessary). Thanks for the Uncle Jesse Pic. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you look up any site that teaches HTML you can learn how to do links on pictures that go different places, or nowhere at all.

as far as headers, i would try another photo program if you have one, paint shop pro or photoshop. you're in school right? try in a school computer lab or something if you dont have one on your computer :)

as far as posts go, i like ones that feature different ways to wear certain items, and trend posts -- like the shoe post you just did :)

diamondcanopy said...

I've just taken the word verification box off because it annoys me too!
I made my header via a mini photoshop program i have and redirecting photos is easy if you google html sites. Though I've stuck with uploading them from my computer via blogger because html makes me a little bit mad :)

Natasha said...

Thanks for the terrific suggestions! I turned off word verification. I didn't even realize it was on! That certainly is annoying.

Nadine said...

I like your outfit posts the most :) so keep on posting your looks please.

Miss Woo said...

I have to say more outfits as you have gorgeous style (sooo adoring the red dress in the previous post!)

yulanda said...

I like the things you currently blog about, but I especially like your outfit posts (much like most other people who'v commented so far).

Adele said...

Im alsoo new! So maybe we could share suggestions! I made my banner on photoshop... ill be willing to make you one if you tell me what your like :) Well I personaly like to read posts about fashion, film, photography, hot boys lol also its so cool that everyone who blogs is from all over the world so i love reading about different things that we all do coming from different countries :) hope that helps

ed said...

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