Sunday, February 24, 2008

Librarians are haute

I really love the retro fantasy librarian look right now. It runs the gambit from sultry to sugary and could easily be channeled with things we already have in our (overflowing) closets.

Dsquared² sent its bookish muse down a sexier road in Milan. I think it is so clever that, after a long day's work, she is carrying her heels down the runway:


As inspirational as runway shows can be, I am always more excited to see how real girls spin the looks.

Here is Agathe of Style Bytes:


Other takes on 'stuffy-chic,' from Hel-Looks, Reykjavik Looks, The Face Hunter and The Sartorialist:





...and the adorable mbiblebot of wardrobe_remix:


I couldn't help but solicit the wisdom of Polyvore.

I am in the mood for reading and peering at cute, nerdy boys over the rim of my glasses.


Vom Squad said...

Your blog is perfect for The Vom Squad.

Shanmin said...

YESS!! Finally, my geekiness shall be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for this post!

Hailey said...

The last women, she is pulling it off SO well, I actually beleive she IS a librarian.

Isabel said...

Mmmyes. I loves that librarian look!

The Clothes Horse said...

I agree, librarians are hott.

Wendy said...

I like the sexy geek look alot. And the fact that Dsquared² had all black outfits is great.

hillary said...

As a librarian I can tell you NO ONE at my work looks like that. :P
(miss matilda)

softspoken said...

i second what hillary said. librarians are actually a very UN-stylish bunch.