Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's like the Pulitzer, but more prestigious.


Thanks to The Iron Chic for tagging me with this award. I am touched! If you've never visited her blog before, why haven't you? I hope you have a good reason. And a plan for action.

What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname??
To be fair, my blog name was my flickr handle first. I started blogging after participating in wardrobe_remix as whimsicalnerd. I didn't think too hard about it...I suppose that a whimsical nerd gets very close to being a good and consise description of who and what I am.

What has been your best, and worst, blogging experience??
It's been said again and again, but being part of the community is lovely. Everyone is interesting, perceptive and positive. And the international aspect is exciting - I love the fact that every day girls from all over the world are reading each other's blogs. That is such a unique and fun feature of our generation - the ability to communicate so easily with people you otherwise would know nothing about.

What do you want to happen to your blog in 2008???
I actually just started my blog in 2008. I guess that I hope it develops an identity of its own and a strong reader base. It is so much fun to do, and it has helped me evolve my style as well!

I'm not sure who's already gotten this, so forgive me if you've been hit twice. I would like to nominate:
Strawberry Kitten
Smaggle Style


bronwyn said...

Oooh, thank you, I'm hopping around in delight:)

Nadine said...

I already did it so I won't to it again ;).

the iron chic said...

Yeah, I feel lucky to live in this age of communication.

laura said...

i already did it as well.