Monday, January 7, 2008

what plagues my sole

Scientists in Germany have recently uncovered the fossilized remains of the largest insect ever known to exist, an eight foot long scorpion:


And what does our prehistoric friend have to do with fashion? The fact that despite its physical magnitude, I am sure that I'd have no problem crushing it beneath my foot. Indeed, I have very large feet. It is tough to find cute shoes, especially vintage ones. I am sure that all of the big-footed fashion mavens out there will echo my lament.

When I walked into Carson Pirie Scott a few weeks ago looking to use a merchandise credit, I was tickled pink by these lovelies, which were even prettier in a cobalt blue:


In the display size 5.5, they were perfectly offbeat, just-clunky-enough, eccentrically adorable. In my size? Standard issue lifeboats.


Charming Heart said...

I love your blog so far, it's very well written. I am i big history buff too, so it was cool to read about your point of view on history and fashion together.
As for your most recent post, I have a similar problem with my shoes, but mine are more because they look like miniature doll shoes.

Isabel said...

8 ft. scorpion? That is disturbing.

the iron chic said...

OMG. I pictured the way that creature probably moved and I shuddered.
I'm gonna look that thing up now!

Alline said...

Picture this: a 27 year-old lady looking for shoes and being told that the only Converses available on her size (3!!!) were in the kids section. Now, talk about shame...!!! PS: that lady happens to be me. No fun AT ALL! =D