Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Udderly fabulous

I have the skin of a mummy. It is dry all year long, but in the winter things get really out of hand. I have tried several different lotions, all of which have done little to combat the problem as my legs seem to suck up whatever I smear on them like a Venus Flytrap.

The solution?


This stuff, Dionne Udder Balm. It is made for farmers to rub on cows' udders so that they don't get frostbite. That, however, doesn't stop me from rubbing it onto myself. It is so moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling better than any other product ever has. I know it is oddball, but I really swear by it. During my freshman year of college my friend Robert found my tub of it behind some books and was totally embarrassed, thinking he'd stumbled upon ointment for a nipple problem.

If you'd like to freak out your friends and combat dry skin, you can find this miracle goo at www.petvetsupply.com. It is in the 'Stock' section under 'Ointments.' Cowabunga!


Hailey said...

But I need to spend $20, any other good animal products for humans? lol ;-) I might try this stuff, just maybe find it in Canada, lots of cows here should be everywhere!