Friday, January 18, 2008

Screen Inspiration: Mary Tyler Moore

One of my favorite TV shows has got to be The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the 1970s working girl classic. The main character is Mary Richards, a forward thinking style maven holding her own amongst the boys. As far as I know, such a feminist concept was pretty unprecedented on TV at the time. Mary has a certain je ne sais quoi which I have tried to emulate in my outfits, I love her confidence and giant smile and would gladly skin a kitten to get my mitts on some of her duds.


I love the tucked in turtleneck and pleats. And any beverage would be sweeter when sipped from such a sweet little cup.


She is rocking the burnt orange, and I am smitten with the collar and buttons here.


I love the orange on navy with the unexpected crimson based print on the skirt.


I love a lot of things about this, but I especially love the scarf at her neck.

I am just about ready to throw my hat into the air.


Anonymous said...

I love this style. It's a pity that most of the girls did not dress like that today :(.

Anonymous said...

Oh man she has such cute outfits. I especially love the orange dress. :]

Heather said...

MTM totally did have great style! I'm going to have to emulate her sometime...

Hailey said...

I love her academic stlye, she's like a grown up school girl. I can see how she would be an inspiration to your look, good choice! Today I did one on Katherine Hepburn. ;-) Love her style too.