Monday, January 21, 2008

Screen Inspiration: Christian from "Project Runway"

Like most fashion bloggers, I have been keeping up with Season Four of Bravo's Project Runway. I thought it high time to put in my two cents and express my enthusiasm for Christian, for whom I am gunning. I love that he is a sassy little brat and that his haircut is a shape that does not occur in nature. Moreover, I am smitten by the chic high drama of his designs. I would wear everything he has produced, and his pieces make such clear and strong statements. He is by far the youngest in the competition at only 21, which I think speaks volumes for his talent. I think he has far outshone the other contestants who have years more experience in the field.

He is also the most entertaining to watch, and he is always straightforward in deeming something "fierce" or a "hot mess."

Behold his artistic, luscious work:






How can he get auf'd when these ladies are dressed to the neins?


Hailey said...

The dressed up plaid in the 1st pic is absolutely chic and adorable. I want I want!

I want big hair said...

the outfit in the first picture is pretty:)
shame that ive sort of stopped watching project runway. i really should keep up

The Clothes Horse said...

I definitely expect to see him in the final three. They'll even keep him around for his soundbytes.

Lynn said...

I like those outfits, but I don't know what's going on with Project Runway as they replaced Bravo with the Discovery Channel in my dorm. Lameeee. :(

Nadine said...

I woul also wear everything: great collection!