Monday, January 28, 2008

Never say never: printed hoodie

The concept of the hooded sweatshirt is certainly not lost on me. They are cozy, warm, and probably the most comfortable single item one can don with the possible exception of the hoodie's close relative, the sweatpant. They also contain much genetic variation - differences in color, fit and print mean that some girls own trillions of hoodies and keep buying more. And extraneous clothing purchases are something to which I am more than slightly privy.

Still, there is something about the hoodie. I shy away from it, partially because they seem a bit punkish to me and I usually fall on the sweeter, frillier side of dressing. I am more likely to wear a ruffled party dress to class than a tee shirt. The punkiest of all is the printed hoodie, an item which I have never actually worn.

I don't know if it is facehunter, Nylon, or something else, but I have been more and more attracted to the punky London look lately. Something about decontextualizing punk and making it happy-go-lucky and even a bit elegant seems to be chock full of possibilities. So, if I were to wear a printed hoodie, I would wear it like this:

Except my shoes wouldn't be Chloe. And though I love the square handbags with the circle hand holes, I think it would be awkward to carry.

I remember playing with the old fashioned version of Polyvore back in the dark ages before the internets. Back when it was called 'paper dolls.'


The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, I loved my paper dolls. I had one of Judy Garland I could dress up in all of her costumes from a variety of films. I have one printed hoodie, bought on impulse, I only wear on my slum days--days I don't usually leave the house!

the iron chic said...

Polyvore= creepy yet awesomely dressed headless ghosts.

Kseniya said...

i really dont like hoodies ever since the whole h&m emo hoody thing with stars etc. every single person i knew had one of them!