Sunday, January 6, 2008

Let us begin.

plaid skirt

This is me.

I am in my early twenties and I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am a college student studying History and Russian Language.

My greatest passions are 20th Century East European History and fashion. The odd thing, though, is that I don't consider them to be as radically different as they may appear. When examined through the right lens, they share several similarities. They both call for a certain amount of imagination and curiousity. On an abstract level, they both compel a person to look at a wide set of data and pinpoint trends of use. At their core, both history and fashion are, to put it bluntly, both whimsical and nerdy.

Thus, I begin my blog. I do not poise myself as an expert or authority, I am not a professional anything, and I do not aspire for a career in fashion. This will be a blog of inquiry and observation directed toward those who are curious and passionate about fashion as well. It is an instrument for learning and communication.

As far as fashion goes, I am attracted to items that are quirky but ladylike. I would call my fashion sense eclectic, but I am always looking for inspiration and ways to push my style into new directions. My style is very inexpensive, too - and this blog will primarily showcase style that can be achieved on a student's budget. I am a thrifter and a clearance-ransacker.

The experiment begins here. I hope you enjoy reading!


Isabel said...

Gosh, I love smart people who blog. I'm looking forward to see what else you'll be posting about.

Links trade?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I will enjoy reading your blog!

Hailey said...

yes, clearence racks too are uber-important! Thanks so much for starting a style blog, it's great!

Hailey said...

yes, clearence racks too are uber-important! Thanks so much for starting a style blog, it's great!

Anonymous said...